Software, Quick Reference Materials, Essays

In the software section you will find a variety of open-source software which I have either written or currently maintain. The software includes simple-routes (lisp HTTP routing tool), Emacs Powerpack (an Emacs+Mingw installer for Windows), and rest_start (maven archetype to generate a web service with Jetty and Jersey).

In the cheat sheets section you will find a collection of "cheat sheets" I have composed or found for various courses in mathematics and computer science, including sheets for calculus, statistics, theoretical CS, physics, and TeX.

In the "Tech Writings" section I periodically post essays and notes on math, C.S., and software engineering. Some of these essays are fairly opinionated -- but I hope that readers can gain something from them.

The "Books Reviews" section contains book reviews, and the "Links" contains categorized links to various resources around the web which I find interesting.

What's New?

10/28/2017: Added new article Remotely Modifying a Running Program Using Swank
10/22/2017: Added topical links and feeds to enhance blog functionality.
08/20/2017: New post How to Designate Single Window for Popup Buffers in Emacs
08/01/2017: Updated software section
07/09/2017: Added "blog" section to website (shows posts in chronological order).
04/26/2017: Added new pdf version of the ANSI Common Lisp Standard Draft for download in which I added a functioning pdf sidebar outline.
04/16/2017: Added link to my emacs package backward-forward to the software page.
01/29/2017: Added link to my backup script from the software page. Improved Site Map. Updated the About page.
12/08/2016: Moved repositories from github to gitlab, updated links
03/15/2016: Added article on effective Windows usage which contains my opinions and tips on using your computer. Added article Criteria for Software Freedom.
02/21/2016: Updated cheatsheets section. Posted berryPIM project to software page.
02/09/2016: Posted new note: When to Use TeX, org-mode, OpenOffice
01/25/2016: Worked extensively on four of my essays [1] [2] [3] [4].